About This Blog


Yes, that’s me with a lightsaber.  You see what I did there?  Without saying a word, I just conveyed the amount of nerdiness that this page will contain.  If you are uncomfortable with such nerdiness levels, I suggest you leave now.  I’ll wait.




Okay, now that I know you’re staying, welcome!  I’m JP Stroman and this is my blog.  While this blog will contain nerdiness, I promise that it will be fun and interesting, and will hopefully inform you in some way.  You see, I wanted a forum where I could write about the different and varied interests that I have.  At first, I thought I would confine it to sports, music, and politics, my three biggest interests, and tried to come up with a name that encompassed those.  But then I realized… wait!  I like more things than just that.   TV shows, video games, Star Wars, comic strips, the hypnotic quality of my fiber optic lamp, even… art!  So the name of this blog is simple and to the point: The Jam.  Music will probably be the primary focus, but you should expect the unexpected.  This blog will be very organic and could go in millions of different directions, so strap yourselves in.  We’ll see where this ride takes us.  Oh, and thanks for reading! 🙂



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