Our Sweet Affairs

I’m pretty sympathetic to anyone trying to do “indie” anything.  Indie filmmakers, indie musicians, indie video game creators, etc.  It’s tough to do when you don’t have the backing of a major company.  Which is why today, I’d like to make a little plug for two of my friends from college, Jen Finelli and Samantha Aiken, who are making their own indie film, I’m Having an Affair With My Wife.

The premise is rather funny and relevant in today’s times.  The couple at the center of the show is the epitome of the term “opposites attract.”  Lashonda is a driven CEO while Sung-Min is a free-spirited artist with a passion for volunteerism.  The fact that the couple is African-American and Korean only makes the plot even fresher and more interesting (it’s actually the first American romantic comedy in 17 years to feature such a coupling).  They find their marriage stagnating, so they get on an Ashley Madison-like website to seek out affairs, only to find themselves unwittingly matched with each other!  The producers are extending the different concepts explored in the film on their blog that’s featured on the film’s official website.

If all of this sounds cool to you, you should do as I did and visit their page on Seed & Spark, the Kickstarter for movie makers.  For as little as a $1 contribution, you can get rewards.  Some of perks of the campaign include a personalized poem, DVD copies of the film signed by the leads, music downloads, even a chance to be in the film.  If you contribute at the highest level ($3,000), you can even blow up Jen’s car.  That’s right… blow up her car.  Thanks for reading, and may all your affairs be sweet 😉

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