Totally Irrelevant Sports Discussions, Part II: Sports’ Best Uniforms

So, I realize a lot of my sports posts here have had little to do with actual games, so hopefully after this one, I can do a little analysis.  But for now, please join me on yet another wild tangent in the sports world typically reserved for bored wives and girlfriends watching games with their significant others: sports’ best uniforms.


Chicago Cubs


MLB teams are very aware of their respective histories, and thus you often find that many teams’ logos and uniforms have a “classic” feel to them.  You almost never find any of the sleek, modern designs you see in college sports or the NFL.  The Cubs’ unis are an epitome of that.  There’s just something undeniably retro/cool about this jersey.  A certain New York team (which will remain nameless) is more famous for wearing pinstripes, but I give the Cubs the nod over their uniforms because I like the color scheme in the logo and lettering better.

Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays

As the sole surviving Canadian team in MLB, the Jays have to stand out somehow.  The Jays have experimented over the years with a few different jerseys, even bucking the baseball zeitgeist to try a modern-looking uniform and logo from 2003-2011.  In 2012, however, the Jays brought back their original logo, and with it this regal blue uniform.  This is probably my favorite shade of blue, so I’m probably biased in picking this one.  Narrowly missing my cut but worth a mention is the Oakland A’s uniforms, which have had many delightfully quirky iterations throughout the years.


Los Angeles Lakers


As much as I’m supposed to hate the Lakers, I can’t deny that their uniforms are pretty iconic.  When I see these unis, I’m transported back to the days of Kareem, Magic, and Wilt, days when the Lakers were a much more respectable rival than the collection of divas they’ve managed to assemble in recent years.  When I look at these threads, I always wonder who the first guy was that said, “Purple and yellow… I should put those together!”  Props to That Guy.

Minnesota Timberwolves

WolvesWolves 2

I can’t really put my finger on why I like these uniforms so much.  Maybe it has something to do with the font, the colors, and the numbers all coming together to make one seamless package.  I’m not sure.  All I know is that ever since they were redesigned after Kevin Garnett left, I’ve considered them one of my favorite NBA uniforms.  I also like the Atlanta Hawks’ uniforms, with the bold ATL they’ve put in there, as well as the Phoenix Suns’, which also feature a PHX in one version of the uni.


Green Bay Packers


While the NFL is more likely to adopt sleeker and modern uniforms than the NBA or MLB, I’m going with a classic design here.  The Packers’ uniforms might be my favorite in all of sports, with the perfect shade of green complemented by a just-right shade of yellow.  I feel like even if the shades of the uniform were even a little bit off, it wouldn’t work.  But this one comes together just right, and makes the Packers look really good while doing what they’re best at: winning.

St. Louis Rams


The NFC West, for whatever reason, has a glut of awesome uniforms.  In addition to the Rams, the Seahawks (well, at least before they started wearing that lime-green monstrosity this season), and the 49ers’ classic design are some of the best in football.  The Arizona Cardinals’ newer uniforms are even pretty good.  But the Rams stand out.  Before they adopted this uni during the Greatest Show on Turf years, they had a design that looked like it was straight out of a cartoon.  They made a rather subtle adjustment, darkening the blue and making the yellow into gold, but it made a big difference, and these outfits are some of the best in sports.


Detroit Red Wings

Red Wings

In all honesty, red and white uniforms are usually boring to me (sorry, Walsingham).  They just seem too basic, like a team’s execs were thinking to themselves, “What colors should we use… I don’t know… Eh, fuck it, just slap red and white on ‘em.”  But the Red Wings make the basic red & white scheme look elegant and awesome, complemented by their iconic Winged Wheel logo.

New York Rangers

NY Rangers

The Rangers have yet another one of those classic jerseys that won’t die.  They got one of my nods for best logo, and their uniform is an extension of what makes that logo great.  Lots of teams try the red, white, and blue scheme, but nobody pulls it off better than the Rangers.  Also notable are the San Jose Sharks’ and New York Islanders’ threads, with their somewhat unconventional colors.

College Football

Stanford Cardinal


One of the things I love about college football is that teams are constantly experimenting with new and unique uniform designs, and this one wins points for originality. I feel like I should hate this uniform, but the helmets are what do it for me.  The black and red complement each other well and stand out, making Stanford players look imposing, able to both school you on the football field and employ you later in life.

Oregon Ducks


The Oregon Ducks seemingly have a new uniform every year, sometimes even every week.  They’ve tried stuff like reflective helmets and feathers on players’ shoulders to show off that “quirky but awesome” aesthetic that they’re famous for.  Their original uniforms (above) are probably the best, though, which is why I’ve singled them out here.

TCU Horned Frogs


TCU bothers me as a team (as does just about anything associated with fundamentalist Christianity), but their recent football uniforms are winners.  I’m always shocked by the new and unique ways teams can pull off purple on a uniform.  It usually results in more of a whimsical or silly look (see the Evansville Purple Aces in my logo post), but these unis make you not want to tangle with these Frogs at all.

Duke Blue Devils (football and basketball)

Duke v St Johns

duke football

Duke may be full of spoiled rich kids (Haha, who am I kidding, I went to freaking UVA for Christ’s sake!), but their uniforms are some of the best in basketball.  Their shoes are even cool, with a black and blue color scheme that makes me want to steal them and wear them on my own feet.  I included the recent football uniforms here because they’ve also bought into the “let’s mix in black with our school colors” trend.  Side note: Why do I like all the black uniforms?  Does that say something about my personality?


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