Totally Irrelevant Sports Discussions, Part I: Sports’ Best Logos

You know those people that make NCAA or other types of sports picks based solely on which team’s mascot would beat the other in a fight (and wonders why a bunch of Cardinals managed to beat a pack of Wolverines)?  Well, consider this post a tribute to those people, as I present the best logos in sports today.

Major League Baseball

Tampa Bay Rays


The Rays went from having this monstrosity to having one of the best logos in MLB, in my opinion.  It’s pretty simple, but nice to look at, with calming colors like the ray of sunshine suggested by the logo.  But at the same time, the team name is in a big and bold font, so the calming colors don’t give the impression of wussiness.

Minnesota Twins


My designation here is not for the Twins’ main logo, but rather for their cap logo, which I like mainly because of its uniqueness.  The Twins tap into the unique nature of their franchise with their “TC” logo, which I only recently learned stands for “twin cities,” which of course refers to Minneapolis and St. Paul, the twin cities around the Metrodome, where the team plays.

Los Angeles Dodgers


The Dodgers get my nod for “best traditional logo.”  The Dodgers have used this logo for a long time, and the script that their team name is written in has a classic flair to it (a number of other teams, including the Orioles and Braves, write their logos this way).  I also like the baseball streaking by the team name, and it gives the impression that it is “dodging” the ball.


Pittsburgh Steelers


As much as I hate the team, the Steelers’ logo gets props from me for much the same reasons the Twins’ does; it highlights a unique characteristic of the city.  Steel is such an inextricable part of the history of Pittsburgh that it only made sense that they would borrow from the US Steel logo when designing their team’s logo.  I also like the mix of colors in it too.

Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles get points for intimidation, with an eagle head that looks both authentic and imposing.  This logo would make me want to charge into battle every day if I were a member of the team.

Oakland Raiders


Another one I’m posting here despite hating the team (seriously, any team that had Randy Moss AND Warren Sapp at the same time deserves ridicule… not to mention what a jerk and terrible owner Al Davis was).  I like the detail in this one, from the fine lines in the face to the unbuckled chin strap of the helmet.  You’ll see the double-swords scheme in another logo.  Keep reading.


Boston Celtics


My favorite team gets the nod here.  The Celtics’ logo captures the history of the team very well, hearkening back to longtime president and coach Red Auerbach and his “victory cigars.”  The logo also gets bonus points for detail.

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks

There’s just something sleek and modern about this logo that I really like.  The blue and white color scheme in it works really well.  Unlike the Celtics’ logo, which is lighter and more fun, this one is more aggressive and tough-looking.

Orlando Magic


This is a case of a team improving and bettering its original logo to make it sleeker and better to look at.  I like the vertical orientation of this one better, and the colors blend better on this one.  The basketball with the stars trailing is cool too, really makes it look “magical.”


New York Rangers


This one is simple, yet elegant.  Maybe I’m hyper-patriotic, but I love the red, white, and blue colors.  I think it’s the specific shades they picked, which blend together very well in the logo and on their uniforms.

Columbus Blue Jackets

blue jackets

While I’ve yet to figure out what a “blue jacket” is (a yellow jacket in freezing temperatures?), I love this logo.  Very sleek and colorful, this one gives the impression of something flying by you (like, maybe a yellow jacket?).

San Jose Sharks


This is one of the NHL’s toughest logos.  Whenever I look at it, I imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger saying something like, “The Shaks will EAT ya!”  I also like this one more than their original logo, as this one pops off the page a little more and has a more dynamic look to it.

College Sports

Virginia Cavaliers


I can’t think of a better logo than this one.  It’s simple, but aggressive (with a “ready to fight” look produced by the double swords).  I also love the look of the V, and it’s a nice departure from the many logos in college sports that simply consist of 2 or 3 letters that are an abbreviation of the school name.

Evansville Purple Aces


Say what you want about the “purple aces” nickname, but I like this logo.  The A trailing to a starburst reminds me of what I like about the Orlando Magic’s logo.  It’s unique and cool-looking.

Richmond Spiders


I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to fuck with this spider.  Not a lot of detail, but it’s big and imposing.

Other Random Logos

Lehigh Valley IronPigs


I defy you to say the name “IronPigs” without giggling.  I don’t think I can.  That name alone makes this logo awesome, but I like the font that the name is in, and the pig head is pretty menacing-looking, which you wouldn’t expect with a team name like this one.  The IronPigs are a minor league baseball affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies at the AAA level.

Saginaw Spirit


This junior league hockey team based in Saginaw, MI got a lot of attention when they adopted Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle as their mascot after comedian Stephen Colbert heavily promoted their contest to name a new mascot on The Colbert Report.  That aside, this is a cool logo.  It manages to convey the majesty of the American flag along with the tenacity of the eagle.  It’s kind of a beautiful love child of the Philadelphia Eagles’ and New York Rangers’ logos.

Norfolk Tides


The Baltimore Orioles’ AAA affiliate also has an awesome logo that’s good mainly for its simplicity as its blue-on-blue color scheme.  I like the wave crossing the T too.  This one has some sentimental value for me, as my dad and I used to go to Tides games all the time when I was a kid living in Norfolk.

These are only a few of the many cool logos in sports.  Feel free to let me know your favorites in the comments section if you wish.

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