Measure One

Well, here I am.

I figured for my first post, I’d introduce myself to my readers (of which I have none yet, hopefully I’ll have tens of them after awhile).

Name’s JP Stroman.  And if there’s one thing I’ve always loved to do, it’s write.  I didn’t always know how much I loved writing, but somewhere in between ten years (!) of journaling, a front-page column on my high school paper, dozens of articles for a local paper, my college paper, and many blog posts written for other people, the thought dawned on me.  I graduated from Walsingham Academy in 2006 (Go Trojans!) and from the University of Virginia in 2011 (Go Hoos!), and currently work in insurance.

Why The Jam?  Well, I have a lot of diverse interests and passions (a big jam of them, if you will), and this blog is meant to provide a place for me to talk about them. For more information on the blog’s format, click the About This Blog link at the top of the page.

Why a phoenix on the header?  Well, recently, I’ve really identified with the story of the phoenix, a bird that builds a fire, burns itself, and rises reborn out of the ashes.   I’ve always thought of myself as a resilient person who can bounce back stronger from whatever challenges life throws at me.

Why the background?  Well, as you probably know if you’ve studied music for 5 minutes, those are all musical symbols.  I expect (but this could change with the weather) that music will be the primary focus of this blog (hence the title of this post).

Any writer brings his own biases and opinions into his work, so I thought I’d make some of  mine clear from the start.  I like pretty much any kind of music, from rock to jazz to classical to electronica.  The only things I’m not fond of are rap, dumb metal (I’m looking at you, Slipknot), opera, and avant-garde (most of which doesn’t deserve to be called music; it’s sonic experiments).   These two bands are tied for the title of my favorite, mostly because they share three members:

Creed logo


Sports-wise, these are my teams:

orioles  (I wish they’d go back to this logo.  I’m not fond of the smirking bird.)


200px-Boston_Celtics.svg                                          Anaheim Ducks


You can expect most of my sports coverage will revolve around these teams.  But I will talk about other sports news when I deem relevant.

Politically, I tend to lean liberal on most issues (but not all), and have worked on Democratic campaigns in the past.  However, I will do my best to provide unbiased analysis when I analyze a political issue, and will make it clear when I am giving an opinion versus conducting analysis.

Other stuff… I love sci-fi (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly… can’t get enough!), I’m a voracious reader, so I may talk about books from time to time.  I love technology and consider myself tech-savvy but am nowhere near an expert.  And I’ve recently discovered that I love to cook as well.

Simone Fox, my best friend, has a WordPress blog too.  Check it out here, and hit her up if you need a photographer for anything.  The girl’s got talent.  My friend and fellow editor at my college paper, Aaron Perryman, also maintains a sports blog on Blogger here, so the sports fans among you should go check it out.  He has a knack for getting on top of stories, and is a good writer, too.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now.  If I think of anything else, I’ll add to this post.

Welcome to The Jam!  Thanks for reading!



  1. I like the way you have everything organized. The categories are cool. That is a good way to manage a blog that is going to be about multiple things. And since you say you are tech-savvy, you have to tell me how to link things where you don’t just post the whole link, but rather, have the highlighted words that point to a link. That ability escapes me haha.

  2. Thanks. I like WordPress because you can do all that stuff easily. As far as doing links like that, usually you type the words you want to display, highlight them, and then press a button to insert a link (on WordPress and Gmail it looks like a chain). It should have spaces where you can put the text you want to display, and then where you want the link to go.

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